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A Note From The Author


It was Ash Wednesday. It was more than three decades ago. I was attending mass at Saint Francis Parish in DePere Wisconsin with my daughter Melissa's Catechism Class. Father Tony Dolski was explaining to the children that fasting during the Lenten Season is just one way to show Jesus that we love Him. He said Jesus also likes it when we do different things, special things, like drawing Him a picture, or singing Him a song. I thought the message that Father Tony shared with the children was beautiful. I thought about it all night. Early the next morning before my feet hit the floor, I said a prayer. I loved to write poetry. So, I decided to write Jesus a poem. But what should the poem be about? I asked Jesus to inspire me. I explained to Jesus that I wanted to write about something that would make Him really happy. After the conclusion of that prayer, I got on my feet, I walked over to my closet, I slid open the door, and that's when it hit me. I mean, It really hit me! A paperback book fell out of my closet and it hit me on the top of my head. The title of that book was, 'The Twenty-Four Hours Of The Passion Of Our Lord Jesus Christ' written by Luisa Piccarreta. After I stopped laughing, I thanked Jesus for the inspiration, and I started to meditate on Luisa Piccarreta's book, 'The Twenty-Four Hours Of The Passion Of Our Lord Jesus Christ' using poetic verse to express my understanding of Luisa Piccarreta's beautiful writings.

'Imagine The Passion' is a beautifully illustrated, 6"x9", full color devotional, inspired by the writtings of The Blessed Luisas Piccarreta.'


This soul-stirring collection takes readers on an immersive experience, guiding them hour by hour through the poignant moments of Jesus Christ's Passion – from the heart-wrenching agony in the garden to the triumphant Resurrection. Each hour is captured through exquisite poetry that delves deep into the emotions and significance of that moment, inviting readers to reflect, meditate, and connect with the profound story of redemption. 


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