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There's a Cat On My Head

In "There's a Cat On My Head," embark on a heartwarming and comical journey with a young woman who never expected her love for two innocent kittens to lead to a feline frenzy that turns her life upside down.

When the young woman brings home two adorable kittens, Elora and My Dove, she believes she has found the perfect companions. The kittens quickly become inseparable, frolicking through the house with boundless energy. Little does she know that her assumption about My Dove's gender is far from accurate.

As time goes by, it becomes increasingly evident that My Dove is not a female cat but a male. Unexpectedly, love blossoms between Elora and My Dove, creating an unexpected twist in their relationship. Before she knows it, the young woman's home is teeming with a multitude of cats and kittens.

The furry invasion begins to take over her once orderly life. Cats can be found lounging in her closet, nestled in her clothes hamper, and even taking baths in her kitchen sink. And, of course, there's always a cat perched atop her head, a constant reminder of the delightful chaos that has consumed her home.


"Conchita Conceita: The Countess of Spain" is a delightful and humorous tale that explores the dangers of vanity and greed. Conchita Conceita, a remarkably wealthy and stunningly beautiful countess, becomes obsessed with her own reflection and craves more mirrors to admire herself. Her insatiable desire leads her to order all the people of Spain to surrender their mirrors, leaving them mirrorless and robbed of reflections. "Conchita Conceita: The Countess of Spain" delivers a valuable moral message about vanity and greed. As young readers journey through the book, they will laugh at the funny illustrations and witty storytelling, all while internalizing the important lessons about the perils of excessive self-obsession.


"Olivia's Journey of Love: A Reunion in Heaven" is an exquisite and heartfelt tale that not only captivates readers with its extraordinary beauty but also serves as a valuable tool to help children navigate the difficult emotions surrounding grief and loss. With sensitivity and grace, this enchanting story follows Olivia on her profound journey of love and self-discovery, weaving together themes of loss, healing, and the eternal bonds that connect us.

Designed specifically to assist children in processing their emotions, "Olivia's Journey of Love" presents a relatable and comforting narrative that gently explores the complexities of grief. Through Olivia's experiences, young readers are encouraged to express their own feelings, find solace in shared experiences, and learn healthy ways to cope with the loss of a loved one.

As Olivia embarks on her poignant quest, she encounters a world filled with tender moments, breathtaking landscapes, and ethereal characters who offer wisdom and guidance. The story not only allows children to explore their emotions but also provides them with a sense of hope and reassurance that their loved ones, although physically absent, continue to live on in their hearts and memories.

Written with deep empathy and understanding, "Olivia's Journey of Love" gently encourages conversations about loss, bereavement, and the healing process. It serves as a valuable resource for parents, educators, and counselors who aim to support children through difficult times, offering a relatable and accessible medium for discussing grief and fostering emotional resilience.

Order your copy of "Olivia's Journey of Love: A Reunion in Heaven" today and embark on this remarkable tale of love, loss, and the enduring power of connection. Through its extraordinary beauty and profound message, this book will undoubtedly touch the hearts of both children and adults alike, providing comfort and guidance during times of sorrow.


In the picturesque land of Greece, a charming miller named Oliver resided in a beautiful home nestled by a stream, high atop a hill. However, Oliver had a peculiar habit—he was a habitual liar.


His tales spun like golden threads, enchanting all who listened, until one fateful day when his web of deception led him down a treacherous path. When a powerful stranger, known as Falafel Kastoolus, arrived at Oliver's flour mill seeking a simple bag of flour, Oliver couldn't resist the temptation to impress him with a bold claim. He declared that he possessed the ability to transform sand into flour, a feat beyond imagination.


But little did Oliver know that his lie would unleash a chain of events that would shake the very foundations of his world


"Dandelion Fairies," is a delightful rhyming picture book designed to captivate young readers. With its vivid full-color illustrations, this book is a visual feast that brings to life the charming and adorable winged creatures that inhabit its pages. Dandelion Fairies, love dandelions. They plant dandelion seeds everywhere. Tiny beings with hearts as big as their wings, Dandelion Fairies look after the flowers, the bees, and tiny bugs that inhabit their wondrous world.


"All the Angels Know" is a heartwarming and enlightening children's book designed to be an educational and spiritual tool for parents and their children. In this interactive story, young readers embark on a captivating journey to understand heaven, angels, the Holy Trinity, and the profound reasons behind Jesus' earthly mission.

As parents and children explore the pages together, they'll find answers to essential questions about the Catholic faith and life after death. The book simplifies these complex concepts, making it easier for parents to provide insightful answers to their child's inquiries about God, heaven, and the mysteries of the Catholic religion.


This beautifully illustrated book also serves as a comforting instrument of healing for grieving children who have lost a loved one. "All the Angels Know" reveals the beauty and reality of heaven, assuring young readers that there is life after death. With its lovingly crafted narrative, it gently conveys the message that Jesus' sacrifice opened the gates of heaven for everyone, showing the way to redemption and eternal joy.

Prepare to embark on a heartfelt and enlightening journey that will not only strengthen the parent-child bond but also nurture a child's spiritual understanding, bringing comfort and solace during challenging times. "All the Angels Know" is a must-read for families seeking to explore their faith, celebrate life's spiritual dimensions, and find solace in the comforting embrace of heaven.

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