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Welcome to Wonderville Road, where creativity meets education. Authored and illustrated by Barbara Alger, our collection nurtures young minds with captivating picture books. For adults, we offer faith-based literature to inspire spiritual growth. Our mission is to ignite curiosity and foster a love for learning through wholesome entertainment. Join us on this journey where learning and creativity intertwine to create a world of wonder.


"Imagine the Passion" is a profound devotional book that immerses readers in the hour-by-hour journey of Jesus Christ's Passion. This captivating narrative serves as a powerful tool for meditation, allowing readers to intimately experience Christ's suffering, His painful Scourging, the weight of the wooden cross upon His shoulders, and as depicted upon the cover of the book, 'Like His Mother Mary' to feel the prick of every thorn that had been forced upon His head. With its vivid portrayal of the profound sacrifice, this book offers a transformative and deeply spiritual reading experience. 


Join Hootie, the grumpy old owl, in "Hootie Hears a Hummingbird," a whimsical rhyming picture book.
Hootie's peaceful forest life is disrupted by a hummingbird, a woodpecker, and a pink songbird moving into the tree next door.

Frustrated and sleep-deprived, Hootie's annoyance turns into an unexpected discovery—the joy of nature's melody.

As the birds create a lively symphony, Hootie finds himself dancing and learns that life itself is a beautiful song.

This charming tale is a delightful reminder that even grumpy old owls can find joy in the unlikeliest of places.


In "The Beautician & The Bear," embark on a whimsical adventure with Billy the Bear and his sidekick, Cappy the raccoon, as they tackle the hairy woes of a wild bear's unruly cowlick. Billy, burdened by a troublesome tuft atop his head, decides it's time for a grooming intervention.


Determined to look his best, he enlists the help of Edda the swan, a skilled beautician running a charming salon. As the comical journey unfolds, readers are treated to a visual feast of vibrant illustrations capturing the hilarious moments of a bear undergoing a beauty transformation. From the bear getting his hair washed and wrapped in a towel to the uproarious sight of a curled-up, gigantic ball of fluff, the imagery in this full-color rhyming picture book is sure to delight both young and old.

The Beautician & The Bear  (17.36 x 8.75 in) (1) wix 1.jpg



"LOOK” SAID THE EARTH is a vibrant and heartwarming children's picture book that takes young readers on an eco-friendly adventure to save the environment. As the sun rises to greet the Earth, it discovers a world in tears, burdened by the devastating effects of pollution. The Earth shares her pain, pointing out the depleted rainforests, the plastic debris plaguing the oceans and much more.


In a bid to inspire change, the sun writes a powerful message in the clouds, warning that it may cease to shine if humans don't clean up their act. "LOOK” SAID THE EARTH is not just a colorful and engaging rhyming adventure; it's a call to action for young readers. Through its enchanting storytelling and vivid illustrations, the book empowers children with the knowledge of how they can contribute to a healthier planet. Join the journey to save the Earth, one positive action at a time, and let every morning be a "Good Morning Earth."


Embark on a captivating journey into the whimsical world of "My Best Friend is Yellow." In the cities of Jade and Citrine, the people are divided by the color of their skin green in Jade and yellow in Citrine. Yet, at the border of the two cities lies a beautiful park, a place where the inhabitants of both cities gather daily, oblivious to the similarities beneath their vibrant exteriors.


Enter the lives of Bobby, a little green boy from Jade, and Henry, a little yellow boy from Citrine, as they defy the divisive norms to form a friendship that transcends the color lines. Their secret nighttime escapades spark a transformation that echoes beyond their wildest dreams. "My Best Friend is Yellow" is a heartwarming tale that celebrates the extraordinary power of friendship and challenges the constraints of prejudice. As the people of Jade and Citrine shed their preconceived notions, they discover a world where love knows no color.




Embark on a heartwarming and educational journey with "I Spotted An Angel," a captivating combination story and prayer book tailored for first communion-aged children. Meet Nathaniel, a seven-year-old angel with wings of a dove, who descends from the heavens to guide young Abby on the path of prayer.

As Nathaniel becomes Abby's celestial companion, the story unfolds, teaching children the proper way to pray, offering examples of heartfelt expressions, and instilling essential practices such as making the sign of the cross, folding hands properly, and kneeling during prayer. Children are encouraged to prioritize gratitude, thanking God before presenting their own needs, fostering a deeper connection with their faith.

The second half of the book, "I Spotted An Angel" delves into the fundamentals of First Communion. With it’s beautifully illustrated pages, children will find a comprehensive guide to the prayers they need to learn before receiving their First Holy Communion. Each prayer is accompanied by vibrant visuals, making the learning process engaging and memorable.

This full-color, thoughtfully crafted book is designed to make the journey towards First Communion both educational and enjoyable. "I Spotted An Angel" aims to inspire young hearts, nurturing a strong foundation in prayer and preparing children for this sacred milestone in their spiritual lives. It is the perfect companion for parents, educators, and young readers, providing a meaningful and visually stunning resource for the sacramental journey.

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