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    these images are my gift to you

    This image, like all of the images on this website, is free. For the most part, you can download them and use them however you please. The religious images are also free to download at no cost, but I do ask that they be utilized with reverence and respect towards Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. You cannot copyright these images or put your name on them. I originally set up this website with the intention of advertising my books and to share the images that I created for my book "Imagine the Passion" at no cost with others. I decided to do this because, as a former Catholic School employee, I know how hard it is for churches and religious organizations to find quality illustrations to use for their newsletters, flyers, church bulletins, etc.  


    As for the non-religious images, I just decided to give those away as well. The aspect ratios of all of my images vary in sizes from 16:9 to 4:5 to 1:1. If you find an image that you really love but would like it in a different size, you can email me, Barbara Alger, at, and I will resize that image for you for $5. 


    Digital downloads refer to digital files that are available for download online. Unlike physical products, digital downloads are not tangible items; instead, customers are given access to a digital file that can be downloaded and used in various ways.Versatile Usage: This is a digital download; you can use it in various ways. You can print it out and frame it as artwork, use it for personal use, or decoration.No Physical Print Included: It's important to note that this is not a free physical print, product, or tangible item. Instead, it is a free downloadable digital file, which you can then use and reproduce as desired. All images are digital downloads. 

    Thank you for visiting

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